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Route 52. A Big Lump of Country Unknown
Simon Burt

Where do you sleep when you drive the backroads from southern Wairarapa to coastal Hawke's Bay? Where do you eat? Who do you talk with? If you're Simon Burt you drag a caravan. When the first one wears out, you get another You park in camp sites, battling the elements on occasion. You eat in pubs or your 'van. You talk to locals, chewing the fat about the pine industry, farming, history, anything that may keep them awake, and you chow down on fresh scones. 

A beautifully written book, part personal, part history, part local travel. Like a fly-on-the-wall doco. Sometimes Simon veers off Route 52 but there's always a connection.

Quality soft cover.

late 2024.

Route 52 map.jpg

At Home and Abroad

Michael D Jackson

Michael was born under the shadow of Mt Taranaki. Educated in Aotearoa, he travelled abroad and currently is Senior Research Fellow in world religions at Harvard Divinity School. In over 40 works of fiction, poetry, memoir, and anthropology, Michael has drawn on his extensive experience in Aotearoa, Sierra Leone, and Aboriginal Australia to develop a unique genre-blurring style that has garnered international praise and many awards, including the Commonwealth Poetry Prize, the New Zealand Book Award for Poetry, and the Victor Turner Lifetime Achievement Award for Humanist Anthropology. 

..."one of our most astute, humane, idiosyncratic, neglected and perdurable writer." Martin Edmond.

Beginnings is not just about growing up in 1950s New Zealand - though Michael writes charmingly and astutely about those times, it is also a commentary on the New Zealand psyche. All New Zealanders will warm to this narrative.

To be published later in 2024.

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