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Murray Savidan Photography

A few years ago I discovered a collection of images in a book called 'Disorder'. It could have been called 'Disturbing' - it was extremely challenging. I'd love to publish such a book, I told myself. But who in Aotearoa takes such 'out there' images? Who dares? Then I came across Murray's Insta pages.

I'd known Murray for years - 50 years ago when I was a journalist on the long dead feminist/women's mag 'Eve' he was a sought-after fashion photographer, doing creative things with designers. Then he popped up years later  shooting commercials.

Now we have a book. I said let's call it STOP. LOOK BOTH WAYS. Murray, weirdly, had such a photo taken on a wet street in France or Italy, he can't remember.

This is the pick of his collection since the 70s.

Small edition, perfectly formed, out later in 2024.

Hardback. An exhibition in a book.


Voice from the Sea
A Voyage Around My Uncle

Colin Carruthers, KC

It's well understood, but not widely known, that the Merchant Navy was crucial in World War II in terms of defeating the Axis powers who wished to starve the Allies into defeat. But they paid a high price. Some 149 New Zealanders lost their lives but they are barely recognised each commemoration day. Few know September 3 is Merchant Navy Day in Aotearoa. Colin Watt, born in Mangere, lost his life when Coimbra was torpedoed by a U-boat off Long Island New York in January 1942. In 1939 he sailed from Devonport in Doric Star which was sunk by the Graf Spee at the Battle of the River Plate. Colin was taken prisoner on the Altmark, transported to 'neutral' Norwegian waters, then rescued by the British Navy under Churchill's orders. Colin's letters home before his death recounted his ordeals, and his romances, in lively detail and his namesake, nephew Colin Carruthers, has pieced his war together with these letters, telegrams, photos and memorabilia.

To be published for Anzac Day, 2025

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